Take the policeman out of your mind

The capitalist system is based on subduing people to serve as its disciples. The oldies like Erich Fromm (Escape From Freedom), Riche (Character Armor) and Adler (Will To Power) only pointed to the more obvious mechanisms. Modern research has revealed the mechanisms at the root of the alienation of people and has thus enabled the development of a simple DIY method of untangling the more prominent psychological shackles which are woven into each of us since birth.

Every time one of these alienating processes is at work - no matter how much it is camouflaged and hidden from the consciousness - it has an "Achilles Heel" that enable us to untangle it. The "Achilles Heel" is usually some subjective experience of a bodily sensation, stiff muscles, or qualities of the voice.

Meazures to overcome and untangle the brain/mind's malfunctioning processes were discovered long long ago in the old cultures of the East. They discovered that by paying attention to the "Achilles Heel" you could enable the brain/mind to start untangling all kinds of processes which had gone wrong.

You can see it for example in Yoga Vipasena, in the Raja of Kundeliny Yoga, in the Hummm of the Tibetans. You can see glimpses of it also in various modern experiential and Gestalt techniques which promote paying attention to to subjective experience (sensations) related to problematic contents.

Even Masters and Johnsen, the sexologists, with their Sensate Focusing technique and Wolpe with his Progressive Desensitization has a significant go at that...

Twenty years ago I was asked to apply my accommulated wisdom to help a libertarian communist activist friend... and then it worked for other rebels too. The accumulated experiance is organized in a self-help DIY manual avilable on the internet.

Rumours are that it was copied into some other web sites and that over a hundred thousands readers apply it ... and some others all over the world use it to help others.

You can find it at various web sites. among them: http://www.shalif.com/psychology/content1.htm and http://ainfos.org/ilan/psychology/content1.htm